The Gravity Dance Story

ImageGravity Dance officially started in 2005 (lifestyle clothing and creations company geared towards snowboarders,surfers,skateboarders,skiers) as a side project to other forms of employment. Selling a small line of logo embroidered fleece jackets/ vests, a few styles of hats, hoodies, t-shirts and hand crafted sterling silver pendants. Dedicated to representing the lifestyles of snowboarders, surfers, skateboarders and skiers. We’re building a clothing company people can feel a soulful connection to. We’re building a social net work of folks fed up with the hype and who do our Dances for the Love of the Dance. We encourage and  share ways and organizations that help teach people how to Dance. We participate in teaching people how to Dance. We donate to good causes… and always looking for ways to contribute and share where we can.

We live a corporate world that primarily see’s us and our Dance’s as mere dollar signs, with little or no care and respect for riders and our Dances!

We’re born from Love of the Dances and we’re doing what we can to help keep the Soul in our Dances… (read deeper into Philosophy… etc, if you have minute) *check out the goods in the Store, *new wears coming in weekly, *social network coming soon to post stories, info, vid’s and connect with other Dancers.

Have Fun… explore us, connect with us grow with us!


About Gravity Dance -- Gravity Dance Brings the Worlds 1st Integrated Snowboard, Surf, Skateboard, Ski Social Network and Force For Global Positive Change. Gravity Dance IS the Worlds 1st Socially Interactive, Soul Preserving, Awareness Sharing, Give-back, Clothing Company for us KidZ who Love our Sacred Dances Snowboarding, Surfing, Skateboarding and Skiing. So, support a clothing company you know is doing good and comes from a place of true love.
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